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Reserve a spot in a course or single workshop here! The system is set to "pay in person" to avoid an additional fee on our end. However, sending a payment directly to one of the following apps right after booking (or paying cash preferably by the 1st of the month) is highly encouraged in order to reserve a spot in class!
  1. PayPal ( ***Change the "goods and services" option to "family and friends" before sending to avoid a fee!

  2. Venmo (@nosupervisiondance) (4-digit confirmation code: 8088)

  3. CashApp ($laurentfontenot)

As we share a building with lots of other tenants, please be respectful of them and their clients by being quiet in the hallways and dressing modestly to go to and from class and to the bathroom (no booty shorts, stomachs showing, etc.). While we understand that skin exposure is required for safety in pole fitness, bottoms must remain fully covered at all times and tops must be secure.

Our Services

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